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Pallet components

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Pallets and Skid

Pallets and skids are safe and effective loading and storage platforms in the multi-step, unit-load shipping process. At Lumber Ressources, we use a pallet design system that engineers load-reliable, cost-efficient pallets and skids. We design our products to meet your exact loading requirements, which eliminates excess materials and prevents you from buying more packaging than required.

Lumber Ressources always helps you save money by choosing the right products for your needs.  Additionally, we offer ongoing education and support on topics such as extending the lifespan of your current pallets.

Feel free to contact us for guidance from the experts at Lumber Resources.

Wood Component

Lumber, derived from processed wood, is crafted into uniform and practical sizes, encompassing beams, planks, and boards. Primarily employed in construction framing, it also serves as a fundamental material for finishing tasks such as flooring, wall panels, and window frames.
Moreover, lumber finds extensive application across various domains beyond residential construction.

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