Lumber Resources provides its customers with the highest industry standards for lumber, service and expertise. We strive to maintain the commitment and passion we have for our profession with :

  • Fast turn-around times for last minute requests;
  • Experienced and versatile sales approach with extensive industry knowledge;
  • Personalized service focused on customer satisfaction;
  • Developing long-term strategic partnerships;
  • Knowledge of market prices and industry logistics;
  • Reliable delivery of the highest quality products.


Throughout the years, our sales team has built a strong international customer base in the US, Mexico, Asia and throughout China, markets where our presence continues to grow as we solidify our present customer base and develop new partnerships.


Lumber Resources has an extensive inventory of hardwood, with a wide range of qualities, thicknesses and species.

We offer our customers the best North American hardwood on the market, including kiln dry or green lumber and custom width or length sort.

White Birch
Yellow Birch
Red Birch
Eye Maple
Soft Maple
Red Oak
White Oak
White Ash

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